Maldives President Faces Backlash Over PSM’s Anti-US Propaganda

By admin Mar31,2024

In a shocking turn of events, the Maldives government-owned media outlet, Public Service Media (PSM), has taken a dangerous leap into spreading hatred and misinformation. The recent headline accusing the United States of hypocrisy and fueling animosity towards Americans is not only baseless but also a dangerous precedent for a nation

For the first time in Maldives’ history, the government-controlled media has stooped to such lows, painting a distorted picture of international relations and promoting division among its own people. The headline, which suggests that the US is aiding in the destruction of Gaza, is not only inflammatory but also lacks any factual basis.

It is deeply concerning that PSM, under the leadership of its newly appointed Managing Director, Zeena Zahir, has chosen to propagate such divisive narratives. Instead of upholding journalistic integrity and fostering dialogue, PSM is now being used as a tool to spread hatred and mistrust.

President Muizzu’s decision to appoint Zeena Zahir as the MD of PSM is now under scrutiny, and rightfully so. The president must take responsibility for the actions of his appointees and condemn the dangerous rhetoric being promoted by PSM under Zeena Zahir’s leadership.

The role of the media, especially government-owned entities like PSM, is to inform and educate the public in a fair and unbiased manner. However, by allowing PSM to peddle hate-filled propaganda, President Muizzu is failing in his duty to uphold the principles of democracy and freedom of the press.

Furthermore, Zeena Zahir’s appointment as MD of PSM raises serious questions about the president’s judgment. As a “child journalist,” Zeena Zahir lacks the experience and maturity required to lead a media organization responsibly. Her reckless actions have now put Maldives’ reputation at risk and undermined the trust of the people in their government.

President Muizzu must act swiftly to rectify this situation and restore faith in the Maldives government. He should publicly denounce PSM’s divisive rhetoric and hold Zeena Zahir accountable for her actions. Additionally, steps should be taken to ensure that PSM operates with transparency and adheres to ethical standards of journalism.

The headline “PSM Declares USA as Hypocrite, President Muizzu Faces Backlash Over Zeena Zahir’s Appointment” encapsulates the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the urgent need for accountability and reform within both PSM and the Maldives government. Only through decisive action can the damage caused by PSM’s irresponsible actions be mitigated, and the trust of the Maldivian people and the international community restored.

The people of Maldives deserve better than to be subjected to hateful propaganda and divisive narratives. It is time for President Muizzu to demonstrate true leadership and put an end to the dangerous path that PSM is treading under Zeena Zahir’s misguided leadership. Anything less would be a betrayal of the values that Maldives stands for.

By admin

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