Maldives Government Plans Legislation to Safeguard State Secrets, Criminalize Unauthorized Disclosure

By admin Mar25,2024

In a bid to fortify national security and protect sensitive state information from potential misuse, Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon has revealed plans to introduce legislation aimed at criminalizing the unauthorized disclosure of state secrets for political gains. The announcement came during a parliamentary session where the minister fielded questions from members of Parliament regarding government initiatives.

Minister Maumoon emphasized the importance of safeguarding state secrets, stressing that their unauthorized disclosure could have detrimental consequences for the nation’s security and diplomatic relations. He underscored the need for stringent measures to prevent the exploitation of confidential information for political purposes, citing recent instances where sensitive data was allegedly leaked for partisan agendas.The proposed law, once enacted, is expected to establish clear guidelines for the handling and dissemination of classified information, imposing legal penalties on individuals found guilty of unauthorized disclosure. By criminalizing such acts, the government aims to deter potential perpetrators and uphold the integrity of state secrets.

The defense minister’s announcement has sparked discussions among lawmakers and the public, with some expressing support for measures to enhance national security, while others raise concerns about potential implications for freedom of information and transparency.As the government moves forward with the drafting and implementation of the proposed legislation, attention will be focused on striking a balance between protecting state secrets and upholding principles of accountability and democratic governance. The forthcoming debates and deliberations in Parliament are expected to shed further light on the scope and implications of the proposed law.

By admin

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